Our space ranges from 6 x 8 Workstation areas to 300 square ft. exterior offices with mid-size offices ranging from 100 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft. both interior and exterior.
  • What size are your offices?
Our office space is very affordable. Call us or, better yet, come by to see us and we will be glad to give you a quote.
  • How much does an office cost?
Our offices are unfurnished. You may bring your own furniture, or we will rent furniture for you and bill you monthly, eliminating the need for you to deal with a furniture vendor.
  • Are your offices furnished?
No, never a lease. All of our space and services are month-to-month. Our Memorandum of Understanding showing the services and monthly cost is the only agreement .
  • Is there a lease involved?
You can use telephone forwarding to let us answer your phone for you when you want us to, and use our services as you would use a secretary for your company.
  • I enjoy working from my home office, and I answer my phone sometimes, how can I use your services?
That's easy! Just let us know the name of the caller and we will patch the call through to your cell phone. We can tell you who is on the phone, then release the call to you, just as though you were in your office down the hall.
  • What if I need to be out of my office, but I am expecting an important call from a prospect whose call I absolutely do not want to miss?
Just call the receptionist and let her know what date and during what hours you need the room. She will log you in for that time and date.
  • If I want to use the conference area, how do I schedule?
Not a problem…we simply ask for the caller's name and number, so they do not have to tell "a machine" that information.
  • What if a caller does not want to go to voice mail?
Of course! Just inform the receptionist when you are scheduling your time and we will be sure it is connected for your use.
  • Can I use the internet while in the conference room?

Virtual Office means that you have your company telephone answered by "your" receptionist, you have access to "your" conference areas, copier, secretarial services, an office for an hour, day, or week, You have access to these amenities, without the monthly cost of office space. In other words, the PERCEPTION (and use as needed) of an office with- out the cost.

  • What exactly is a Virtual Office?

Yes, we have an overhead projector, Television, VCR and DVR, along with a flip chart and white board that are included with the conference room. We also have a computer projector that is available for an hourly or daily charge.

  • Do you have projection equipment available?

We can offer an option that will page your cell or another phone when you receive a message on your voice mail.

  • If I have telephone answering service, do I have to continuously check my voice mail?

Our state-of-the art software helps us to do that. When your dedicated phone line rings, a computer screen comes up with all of your information; how to answer, what to tell the callers, etc. You give us that information and we enter it into our system. You can call us daily or hourly to change any information, or to let us know if you need a certain caller patched to you.

  • How do you answer the telephone in my company's name?

Just come by our office and let us know what you need. You do not have to have monthly service for us to help you occasionally with any administrative service.

  • I just need administrative help a few hours each month, how can I use your services?



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